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The transformation of survival...

A disastrous crash at Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport. In the aftermath of the accident Captain Dan Swanton finds his judgment called into question, his professional career on the line, and his family and personal life torn apart.

Plunged into despair by what appears to be the end of his life as he knows it, he turns to a woman therapist.  Her probing analysis forces him to look into those questions most of us sidestep -- the abyss of death and the mystery of survival. Is fate a hunter that plunges from the sky to destroy lives here on earth? What is the nature of the hidden reality that operates behind the scenes of our everyday lives?

Taking his therapist's advice, he goes into retreat at a friend's house in a remote valley on the island of Molokai. Through life examples, and the teachings of people there, he finds a new path of exploration. This leads him into mystical experiences on a sea cliff and soaring in a glider, which in turn provide the resolution and transformation that allow him to move forward into a new and open future.